Welcoming Message for Monash Science Symposium 2018

From the Head's Desk

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Monash Science Symposium 2018 organised by Science postgraduate students of Monash University Malaysia, for the fifth time.


The passion for science is the key to the launch of the Monash Science Symposium. “Passions Converge, Ideas Emerge” is the theme for this year. Science is an essential discipline to explore the unknown and to find solution for various challenges in our daily lives. Sharing the advances in science and building networks at the symposium will be valuable especially among the younger generation who will be moving towards the academia or other industries.


The symposium will serve as a platform for emerging ideas in the area of applied microbiology, cell and molecular biology, chemistry and drug discovery, environmental and agricultural sciences, genomics and bioinformatics, and food science and technology. I look forward to seeing you at the symposium in Monash University Malaysia.


Associate Professor Emily Goh Joo Kheng

Head, School of Science

From the Advisor's Desk

A warm welcome to the Monash Science Symposium 2018!


This symposium where “Passions Converge, Ideas Emerge”, aims to bring together like-minded and equally passionate scientists from various institutions, to engage in presentations, discussions and interactions related to the various aspects and scope of science. It is also a good training ground for young scientists to go on to greater heights and excel in their chosen field.


I wish to congratulate the Organizing Committee, which comprise solely of the postgraduate students from the School of Science, for their outstanding enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism in making the symposium a success. And to the sponsors for their support to our commitment in grooming young scientists and leaders.


I hope that by the end of the symposium, you will have each acquired new knowledge, new friends and new networking opportunities. I wish you all, a rewarding experience throughout this symposium.

Let your “Curiosity Unleashed”!




Associate Professor Dr Adeline Ting Su Yien


Monash Science Symposium 2018

School of Science


Monash University Malaysia